Scary stuff for some of the guys in our infamous band van the other day. On their way back from a show they got into a pretty slippery slope which brought them off the highway and into the banks. Luckily everybody turned out just fine, pretty soon afterwards some were already mixing party drinks in the back.

On more thing. We’ve been invited to Giel Beelen’s morning radio broadcast, aptly named GIEL. Tune in at 3FM at 18 February around 7 am. Want live action? Here’s our tour schedule:

Feb 05 (Fri) – De Spot, Middelburg (w/ the amazing must-see Rue Royale)
Feb 12 (Fri) – Waerdse Tempel, Heerhugowaard
Feb 13 (Sat) – LVC, Leiden
Feb 18 (Thu) – Vera, Groningen
Feb 19 (Fri) – Hedon, Zwolle
Feb 20 (Sat) – Brennels Buiten, Kraggenburg
Feb 21 (Sun) – 013, Tilburg
Feb 24 (Wed) – Stukafest, Amsterdam
Feb 25 (Thu) – Luxor Live, Arnhem
Feb 26 (Fri) – Metropool, Hengelo
Mar 04 (Thu) – Ekko, Utrecht
Mar 06 (Sat) – Burgerweeshuis, Deventer
Mar 19 (Fri) – Groene Engel, Oss
Mar 27 (Sat) – Manifesto, Hoorn

See you at a show!


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